Mental Health Support Keene, NH

I can be myself at MPS

~ Anonymous Member

Monadnock Peer Support changed my life! To all who are new to peer support… you have entered an amazing movement!!

~ Anonymous Member

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am very pleased that MPS has a support group for others like me and that I can host the group. I also love the fact that MPS is a peer related origination and that as such. I feel that I can relate to others who either work at MPS or are just members from the community who come in when they can. I feel that MPS is a safe and comforting place for me to go to. Everyone I come across there is very friendly and always willing to give support when needed. MPS also has a weight room there and I plan to take full advantage of their gym. MPS offers many different groups and other resources to anyone in our community, especially those in need. And I think that is great and we need more places like MPS.

MPS saved my life.  After a failed suicide attempt several years ago, when I was still depressed, miserable and alone, I started going to Beyond Bipolar on Wednesday nights. I had the expectation I would only go once; I didn’t think it would help and I was one piece of bad news away from finishing myself off. Then everything changed, I met great people (members and staff) and heard their stories and experiences that were exactly like mine. Over time I made so many new friends with both members and the excellent staff. I gained a new perspective and started wanting to live again. I now have friends that would actually miss me when I’m gone as much as I would miss them.

~ Anonymous Member

Prior to MPS I felt alone, isolated, lost and helpless. Since joining MPS I have learned what community is, what trust is, and what friendship is. I have gained valuable skills to help get me through the rough times and in doing so I am realizing that I am a happier person. I'm grateful to this place as I now feel that I have a place where I belong, where I can be myself and accepted. Most importantly, I found myself here at MPS and you know what... I like me. ~ Anonymous Member

For me MPS is a safe place where I’m comfortable sharing my emotions and feelings with staff and sometimes other members without worrying about who will find out. MPS is a place I come for the Respite program which i use when home and family is too much for me and I need a break. MPS staff are very open to talking to members and willing to talk about anything and keep what we talk to them about completely confidential no matter what. This is a great place to meet new people and participate in support groups with other members who understand some of the things they go through.


I met my two best friends at MPS

~ Anonymous Member