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Grievance Procedure

Occasionally, disagreements or allegations that need to be addressed may arise in the MPS peer support community. Generally, when the allegations are less serious, or the problem is based on miscommunication or a misunderstanding, an informal complaint may be filed by speaking with a member of the MPS staff.

MPS recommends that anyone who thinks they may have a formal grievance should first talk to a member of the MPS staff for assistance in determining if the complaint or allegation can be resolved informally.

However, if the allegation or complaint is serious or cannot be resolved informally, an MPS peer support community member may file a formal grievance. This will launch an investigation, deliberation, and resolution of the matter.

To submit a formal grievance, you are required to complete the MPS Grievance Form. A member of the MPS staff team can help complete your form.

You can choose to provide your name or remain anonymous.

You are also required to provide the filing date and your contact information, including your email, phone, or physical address, if you would like to be notified of the final decision regarding the grievance.

In the form, you are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible regarding the nature and subject of the complaint or allegation.

Finally, you can submit the form online below or drop it into the MPS suggestion box in Monadnock Peer Support’s lobby.

File Your Grievance

Thanks for submitting!

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