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We offer a member driven Wellness Program during the day at 32 Washington Street. This consists of non-clinical peer support; we use a trauma-informed model referred to as “Intentional Peer Support” (IPS). IPS follows a set of tasks and principles that frame how to have a relationship where both people can learn and grow together. We use the tasks (connection, mutuality, worldview, and moving towards) and the principles (moving from fear to hope and possibility, moving from helping to co-learning, and moving from individual to relationship) to increasingly live and move towards what we want instead of focusing on what we need to stop or avoid doing.


Members of the community come to our center to get and give this peer support, and to join our programs that we offer which are led by our staff members. All of our staff members are fully trained in IPS, and two other peer support modalities known as “Wellness Recovery Action Plan” (WRAP), which has a focus on hope, wellness, personal responsibility and peer support, and Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) which has a focus on enhancing the physical health of people with lived experience of mental health and substance misuse.

Here we meet the individual where they are at and offer support to the individual based on their emotional needs, concerns, etc. We support our members in discovering or rediscovering what wellness means to them. This can involve anything from applying for a job or school, learning about nutrition and cooking skills, recovering hygiene skills, self-advocacy skills around doctors, case managers, therapists, family members, etc. We offer a monthly educational event, as well as a monthly trip. We have weekly community meals in our café that are healthy and nourishing. We have a closet for essential items should anyone need any toiletries that are not covered by SNAP benefits/an EBT card as well as clothing and shoes. Overall, our Wellness Program fosters courage, healing, and confidence in an effort to foster independence, inclusion in the community, and self-determination. We are always working from and toward the trauma-informed mentality of IPS and focus on healing and offering support to each other.


We offer two separate residential programs; please note both programs were fully operational at our previous location on Beaver Street. We recently moved to 32 Washington Street and temporarily closed our respite program down in an effort to do some renovations allowing for us to offer the day program, the respite and also have space for staff to be on site. All of the services we offer are at no cost to the individual or their prospective insurance company.


Our respite program consists of 2 beds. This overnight trauma-informed program is designed for an individual who may be experiencing an emotional crisis. This means something different to everyone: things such as a loss of a job, a miscarriage, needing a break from family, divorce, etc.… The individual (guest) is able to stay with us in our respite program for 6 nights/7 days. The intention of this program is to allow the guest to rest, take a breath, regroup and recharge their batteries so that they are able to get back to the essentials of work, family, etc. Our respite program is fully operational, and open to those in need 24/7. We have staff onsite available to our guests this entire time providing peer support and engaging our community. For safety purposes, we have cameras set up at every egress ensuring the security of our members, staff, and community.

Step up, Step Down (SUSD)

Our Step Up/Step Down program consists of 3 beds. This program is a 30 to 90 day stay and is a bit more goal oriented, while still fostering self-determination and independence. The guest who is deemed eligible for SUSD is having a more significant crisis and needs more support than just a quiet place to rest. Guests are encouraged to take more accountability, set goals, and create a daily structure that supports their wellness. This is designed for an individual who is feeling like they may be heading toward hospitalization or may be coming out of a hospital. The intention of this program is to lessen the burden on emergency rooms and provide alternative resources rather than seeking hospitalization. This program is designed for individuals in crisis, which means something different to everyone: things such as a loss of a loved one, feeling suicidal, psychosis, divorce, illness or just needing a break from life and more are what brings people to our agency. The 30 to 90 day stay allows for the individual to establish new healing habits, regroup, work on securing housing if necessary, and perhaps get a job or develop skills that will be useful at their existing job. Here we work together on fostering new skills to help the individual reconnect to their family and our community at large. Together, we work toward ensuring that the individual will have sustainability when they leave our program.

Wellness Program

In this we offer a variety of both member led and staff led programs. We hold a community meeting each month where we collaborate with members, empowering them to make decisions on what they would like and need within our network, discovering positive opportunities to engage each member of our community. Some of the features we offer are non clinical mental health support groups. We are a part of Keene Community Carden Connections and partnered with Antioch University New England to maintain our garden. MPS offers the following member-led groups: laughing group, crochet group, arts and craft group, garden club, community meal on Wednesday, popcorn club, hotdog lunch each Friday, and more. What makes us unique is that all of our programs are voluntary and no one is mandated to attend groups or participate in any of the activities we offer. When individuals walk through our door, they are greeted with a judgement-free space and are empowered to take the next step in their mental health journey. Additionally, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we drive members around the community to get errands done; we go to Walmart, the grocery store, community kitchen, pharmacy and beyond.

Warm Line

This is a confidential, non-judgmental peer support service available to the public 7 days a week from 4pm – 9pm. Anyone can call 603-352-5093 to get the appropriate support necessary whether you live in New Hampshire or not. Warmline staff are trained in Intentional Peer Support and additional crisis training to support individuals who reach out who are in crisis.

Staff led groups include a daily check in and check out, as well as Beyond Bipolar and Depression, LGBTQ+ group, Hearing Voices Network, Trauma Survivors, Feelings of Anger, Women’s Group, PTSD/First Responders Support, Resume Writing, Podcast Group, Technology Group, Anxiety and Depression Support, Survivors of Suicide Attempts, Survivors of Sexual Assault Support, Monthly Community Meeting, trauma yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and much more.

MPS Staffing

MPS has one Executive Director and 3 full time Directors who run our Operations, Residential and Wellness Programming. We have 4 residential coordinators who are available to our residents around the clock.  We have one part time support staff for our Wellness Program and two part time drivers who pick members up in the morning and returning them safely to their home in the evening, as well as bringing them to grocery shopping/Keene area pharmacies/the Community Kitchen.

Board of Directors

MPS has a full board of 12 individuals who are very active and participate daily in our programming as well as the extracurricular activities that we offer. Our board members self-identify as having lived experience of mental health. Our board members range from executives to retirees to working parents to blue collar workers and therapists. This provides us a comprehensive worldview that better prepares us to support our members and community at large.


We provide a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for our community. We have community members volunteer their time to speak at our community meetings, help with the MPS monthly newsletter, and more. We have volunteers work on our newsletter, provide donations, recipes and nutritional opportunities. We have volunteers to clean the center, and work in our garden. Volunteers come and offer their time to provide life skills such as knitting, crochet, sewing, painting and crafts. Volunteers help members with resume writing, reading, making phone calls, setting appointments, filling out difficult paperwork, and signing up for educational classes. We also offer opportunities for our members to volunteer at the Keene Community Kitchen, Humane Society, Fast Friends, trash removal around Keene and other opportunities as they arise. We are an inclusive and judgement free community to support the mental health and well-being of each and every person that walks in our doors. We have an outstanding relationship with our fellow neighbors in our community which we value immensely. Our members put their best foot forward and work toward respect, kindness and appreciation for this space and others.

Community Partners

We work very closely with our community partners such as Monadnock Developmental Services (MDS) and Monadnock Family Services (MFS) Keene Housing, Southwestern Community Services, Drug Court, Suicide Prevention, Runaways Hot Line, Acting Out, Keene Family YMCA, sau29 school district, Cheshire Housing, The Salvation Army, Hundred Knights, MAPS Counseling Services, MCVP, drug court, the Doorway, the Serenity Center, New Hampshire Hospital, DHHS, Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, Adult Learning Center, Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Monadnock Family Resource Center,  Home Healthcare, the emergency room and other local and state wide hospitals, therapists throughout our region, and beyond.


Our referrals come to our agency from all of these community partners listed above in addition to the individual themselves, family members and beyond.