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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is MPS open?
  • How can I get involved?
    There are many ways to get involved with MPS! Read and/or contribute to our monthly newsletter, attend Member/Participant meetings (see our groups page for more info), participate in groups and activities; facilitate a group or come up with one; serve on our Board of Directors, or check out our wish list for items needed or make a donation.
  • Where can I find community meeting minutes?
    They are located at the Washington St entrance at the center in the yellow labeled binder. If you would like to request meeting minutes, please contact Karen, Director of Mission Impact by sending her an email, giving her a call at our center, or by sending a message through the Contact Us page.
  • What is the grievance policy?
    At Monadnock Area Peer Support Agency, conflict may arise between any number of dyads, ie: member-member, member-staff, member-BOD, staff-staff or staff-BOD. Additionally, the natural hierarchy of any organization’s staff can complicate the resolution of conflict. It is necessary to accommodate as many of these potential ‘conflict dyads’ as possible to ensure that any person has a ‘fair and balanced’ process. The following guidelines will: a) provide flexibility within the grievance process, b) provide steps to successful resolution and c) support the principles of peer support. 1. Both parties will meet to discuss the issue/conflict. Parties are entitled to peer support persons present. If parties are not satisfied with the resolution, then: 2. If one party is not the staff coordinator, parties will meet with the staff coordinator. If one party is the staff coordinator, parties will meet with the ED. Parties are entitled to peer support persons present. If parties are not satisfied with the resolution, then: 3. If one party is not the ED, parties will meet with the Executive Director. If one party is the ED or the ED has already been met with in Step 2, parties will meet with a board member of their choice. Parties are entitled to peer support persons present. If parties are not satisfied with the resolution, then: 4. Parties may have the option of taking the grievance to the community membership. If parties choose not to do this, or if resolution still is not satisfactory, then: 5. The Executive Director, or if the ED is one of the parties involved, a designated Board member, will review and render a decision in five (5) working days. 6. If a party remains dissatisfied with the resolution rendered in Step 5, then decision may be appealed. A party may submit a written grievance to the BOD chair, who will review and discuss it with the full board at the next scheduled meeting. (Parties may be asked to appear). A decision will be rendered within seven (7) working days of the monthly meeting. 7. All decisions of the Board will be final. 8. All decisions made by the Executive Director or members of the Board of Directors will follow the philosophy and ideology of peer support, using direct communication, mediation, power sharing and shared responsibility.
  • What is MPS?
    Monadnock Peer Support is an independent non-profit (501-C3), self-governing peer support organization run by and for people with lived experience of mental health. Our funding comes from Department of Health and Human Services; the Bureau Mental Health Services, The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and private donations.
  • Who do I contact for more information about MPS?
    Programming question about groups, trips, or events? Ask for Stacy, our Program Director. Residential program question about Step Up Step Down or Respite? Ask for Shay, our Residential Director, or Sibeal, our Residential Coordinator. Event, information, or fundraising question? Ask for Karen, our Director of Mission Impact. Building related questions? Ask for Matt, our Facilities Director. To contact our Interim Executive Director, please ask for David Ports. To contact our HR or Finance department, please ask for Sam.
  • What is Peer Support and WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)?
    Peer Support is about having relationships with others in new and different ways that promote growth, recovery and wellness. WRAP is about living in new and different ways that promote growth, recovery and wellness. By combining the two, the skills and strategies that we discover in peer support can become part of our WRAP and the skills and strategies we discover as we learn about and use WRAP to assist us in peer support.
  • Who can access your program?
    MPS is open to anyone 18 years or older, who self-identify as having had, currently have, or are at risk of having lived experience with mental health.
  • Where is MPS Located?
    MPS is located at 24 Vernon Street, Keene, NH. We have an adjoining alley via Washington Street in between 34 Washington St and B Bake's that has a chair lift and a handicap accessible entrance.
  • What is the warm line?
    The Warm Line is an after hours phone line that provides the caller with a means to reach out and to make a connection with a trained peer operator for non-reactive, non-judgmental support. The Warm Line is available every evening, (including weekends and holidays) between 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Call: 603-352-5093 or toll free: 1-800-352-5093
Mental Health Support Keene, NH
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