Zoom Etiquette

When joining via Zoom:

  • To connect to all Groups and Check-in or Check-out, please use login ID 603 352 5094

  • Mute your own voice/phone and turn off your video in the event that you know you will be making a lot of noise. The facilitator may need to mute you because of background noise and it is nothing against you. It’s only because the background noise takes over. Facilitators will un-mute you as soon as they can and will let you know that they had to mute you.

  • Zoom picks up all background noises including pets so please turn off TV’s, music, etc.; if you press and hold the space bar you will be able to be temporarily un-muted.

  • One voice at a time! It’s okay for there to be silence. Multiple voices at a time means that the sound becomes unintelligible for everyone.

  • Confidentiality is very important to our community. We ask that you be in a private space. If you can’t be by yourself, we ask that you use earbuds/headphones and try to find a private space. Please avoid saying anyone’s name or any identifying facts about people in the group. If you are around children, please be aware that what you say could be traumatizing for young ears.

  • When technology breaks up, feel free to ask people to repeat themselves.  Sometimes it is helpful to raise your hand if you are using video.

  • We talk about the topics and negotiate what is recorded at the end of the group before check out, as well as keeping initials to prove to the state that we are still doing peer support even when our physical space is closed. You will be given the chance to negotiate what is recorded if you wish.

  • Please be on time as it saves the group from having to repeat important information

  • We ask that any smoking or alcohol happen off camera as it can be activating for others.