Who We Are

Monadnock Peer Support was founded in 1995 as an alternative that compliments and supplements the traditional mental health system. We are a member-driven organization that provides opportunities for people who experience mental health to support one another in moving towards what we want in life as opposed to away from what we don’t want. We also establish a culture in which our members and participants feel more empowered and less dependent on traditional mental health care.

What We Do

 All of our programs are free, do not require insurance, and are grounded in Intentional Peer Support (IPS). Intentional Peer Support is a way of thinking differently about our relationships. For more information about Intentional Peer Support, visit their website.

Our programs focus on relationship building, community building, and advocacy. Through our one-on-one peer support and support groups, members and participants are able to form strong mutual relationships that support them in their wellness and recovery. As a member-driven agency, MPS establishes community by shared governance and community groups that break isolation and creates a natural support system. Social change and advocacy are integral to IPS,  and as a community we create and maintain a strong, active voice and presence dedicated to social justice at the local, state, and national level. We do this because we believe that by developing strong relationships and community, people feel valued, are able to empower themselves, and move toward recovery as defined by the individual.

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As a peer driven organization, it is the mission of Monadnock Peer Support to promote wellness and recovery, as defined by the individual, through intentional peer support, and to provide advocacy, educational, vocational, interpersonal, social, and spiritual opportunities to adults who utilize mental health services to learn wellness strategies, develop mutually beneficial relationships, and to support each other in attaining increased capacities for self-determination, independence, and personal growth. 

The community, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, generates all rules, policy and direction with equal consideration given to the input of all members. We emphasize understanding, mutual accountability and respect for diversity in relationships. We offer groups, activities and events in which we learn more about ourselves, and how we interact with others. We utilize shared leadership, skill development, team activities, and a holistic model of health to make these groups and events a valuable opportunity for growth and strength.

  • Our programs are grounded in the principles of Intentional Peer Support

  • Personal responsibility and accountability 

  • Wellness 

  • Respecting other's thoughts and beliefs as valid and important 

  • Growth beyond the stigma, shame and limits have placed upon us 

  • Creating and maintaining a strong, active voice and presence dedicated to social change

  • Through this presence we can increase understanding and decrease oppression outside of our community


  • Support Growth and Learning 

  • Place where people feel valued and not judged

  • Shared responsibility/ mutual support 

  • Advocacy/ self determination 

  • Direct Communication 

  • Safe/ Positive Environment/ Community

  • Building Connections 

  • Courage/ Empowerment 

  • Respect for differences 

  • Strengths and Recovery based support 

  • Commitment to Peer Support 

  • Non-medical approach 

  • Social Change and Reduction of Stigma 

  • Forgiveness

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